Sebastian Dubois

Born in 1978 in The Hague.

He started his DJ career as an all-round DJ, but his heart was when all the house music. Yet it was not until 2007 that he made his debut as a house DJ for the general public.

Sebastian Dubois has been a popular DJ in clubs and at events in the Netherlands and abroad.

Today he is trying in the broadest sense to be busy with music. He produced the single “Leave The Light On” and provided further cooperation in various other productions and remixes.

Because of his great enthusiasm and surprising sets as he tries to features in the world of music.

““”Today you come alone with their own productions, his own style and that little bit extra.” ””

With so much coming up promises a bright future and we will be much more of him, hear and see!


Biography Sebastian Dubois – PDF file – [download here]

Press pics Sebastian Dubois – 4 large JPG files – [download here]

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